“Family Fun in the Park: Gal Gadot and Yaron Varsano enjoy quality time with their daughters and feathered friends”

Gal Gadot has been keeping herself occupied with the success of her new film, Wonder Woman 1984. Recently, she took some time off to enjoy a family outing to the park with her husband Yaron Versano and their two daughters, Alma and Maya. The 35-year-old actress appeared happy and content as she posed for a sunny selfie with her Dutch partner, who is a real estate developer. The family outing looked like a refreshing break from their busy schedules.

Loved-up: Gal Gadot looked radiant as she cosied up to her husband Yaron Versano while enjoying a family park trip with their daughters on Monday

Actress Gal Gadot looked stunning as she snuggled up to her husband Yaron Versano during a fun-filled family outing at a park with their daughters on Monday. The Wonder Woman star kept herself warm in a cozy white padded jacket and accessorized with a stylish pair of black oversized sunglasses. She chose to keep things simple yet fashionable by pairing it with black leggings and boots, creating a relaxed look. Gal shared a beautiful selfie with her 49.9million Instagram followers, showcasing her love for her partner, and also revealed that she had fun playing with their kids by feeding the ducks. In the candid snap, she can be seen throwing something towards the water while her little girls played behind her.

Quality time: The actress, 35, looked every inch the doting mom as she played with Alma, nine, and Maya, three, while they were visited by some cute ducks

Spending precious moments together: The 35-year-old performer was a picture of a loving mother as she entertained her two daughters, Alma (9) and Maya (3), with the adorable ducks who came to visit.

Gal captioned her family images: 'Two families coming together - ours and the ducklings'

Gal shared some adorable family photos on social media, where her two daughters Alma and Maya were seen wearing winter coats and cozy beige boots just like their mom. Gal affectionately captioned the pictures as “Two families coming together – ours and the ducklings.” In a recent interview with HELLO! magazine, Gal disclosed that her husband Yaron has been working out more since she took on the role of Wonder Woman. The actress also admitted in an earlier interview with The Sunday Times that it’s challenging to balance motherhood and acting career. She shared an incident where she had to miss her daughter’s function due to work commitments.

All together: Gal often shares glimpses into her life as a mom to her two young daughters

Gal frequently gives her followers a peek into her life as a mother to her two young daughters. On one occasion, her daughter had a concert and asked Gal to come watch her perform. However, Gal had to decline as she was needed on set to film for a movie. Her latest film, Wonder Woman 1984, which was announced in July 2017 and directed by Patty Jenkins, was recently released. The film premiered digitally on December 15th at the DC FanDome virtual event, with a subsequent theatrical release. Since its streaming debut on HBO Max, Wonder Woman 1984 has become the platform’s most successful film of 2020.

Latest film: The actress has recently been celebrating the release of her latest movie, Wonder Woman 1984

Newest flick: The performer has been rejoicing over the unveiling of her latest film, Wonder Woman 1984.

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