“From ‘Heart of Stone’ to Heart-to-Heart: Gal Gadot and Jamie Dornan Connect as Parents of Daughters (Exclusive)”

The new Netflix thriller Heart of Stone features actors Gal Gadot and Jamie Dornan, who both play secret agents and share the experience of being parents to three daughters. They discovered that they have many things in common, such as being Tauruses and having a sarcastic sense of humor. Moreover, they are both proud “girl parents,” according to Gadot, who has Alma, Maya, and Daniella with her husband Jaron Varsano. Similarly, Dornan shares Dulcie, Elva, and Alberta with his wife Amelia Warner. Despite never having met before filming, the two actors hit it off immediately due to their similarities, forming an instant connection.

Paul Ready as Bailey, Gal Gadot as Rachel Stone, Jamie Dornan as Parker and Jing Lusi as Yang in Heart Of Stone

Gal Gadot expressed her fondness for giving birth and said that she would do it once a week if possible because of how magical it is. Although Gadot and her co-star, Jamie Dornan, became good friends on set, their children did not get along well. The two actors hoped to arrange a playdate, but it did not happen due to their busy schedules. Dornan’s family was also in the process of moving from the countryside to London at the time. Dornan shared that one of his daughters wants to be an actress after initially wanting to be a singer, giving three reasons why during a school assembly.

Jamie Dornan as Parker in Heart Of Stone

In an exclusive interview, Gal Gadot shared how she and her husband put their egos aside while working on their upcoming film, “Heart of Stone.” The actress explained that during a conversation with her husband, she expressed her love for traveling, meeting different people, and getting lost in characters. Her husband supported her goals and encouraged her to pursue acting. In the film, Gadot portrays Rachel Stone, an undercover agent for a top-secret spy organization called The Charter. Gadot wanted her character to be more than just a fighter; she also wanted her to use her intelligence, intuition, and emotions to navigate challenging situations.

Jamie Dornan and Gal Gadot from Heart of Stone

According to Gadot in an interview with PEOPLE, Heart of Stone was inspired by the success of Wonder Woman, the 2017 D.C. Universe movie she starred in. She realized that there was a need for more female-led movies and decided to make the film. Dornan also expressed his support for women in lead roles and is excited to be part of a movie where women can showcase their skills. The movie will be available on Netflix starting Friday, Aug. 11.

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