Gal Gadot: A Journey Through Time and Fashion


Gal Gadot has had a fascinating journey before becoming a global superstar as Wonder Woman. She was crowned Miss Israel at the age of 18, thanks to her stunning looks and intelligence. Following this, she served in the Israel Defense Forces, which explains why she looked so comfortable wielding a gun in The Fast and the Furious movies. Even before hitting the big screen, Gal was a favorite of Maxim magazine, featuring in their 2007 feature that spotlighted the Women of the Israel Defense Forces. Besides serving in the military, Gal also pursued higher education in law and international relations while simultaneously making a name for herself as one of Israel’s top fashion models. Although she left her studies to pursue a career in Hollywood, her undeniable breakout moment came with her role as Wonder Woman in the standalone movie in 2017. Although the movie broke records and grossed over $820 million worldwide, it was later surpassed by Black Panther. However, fans eagerly await the release of Wonder Woman II to see if it reclaims the throne.

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