Gal Gadot: A League of Extraordinary Talents

Gal Gadot enjoys her personal space in the outdoor patio of her Tel Aviv home, which is surrounded by trees and a stone wall. She spends her “me time” there after her children, Alma and Maya, go to sleep. Last year, Gal and her husband, Jaron Varsano, showed Alma the film that made her famous, Wonder Woman, but the young girl couldn’t bear watching her mom fight the villains. Alma loved the parts she did watch and is proud of her mother’s role. Unlike Wonder Woman, Alma doesn’t like Sleeping Beauty, and when asked why, she said it’s because the princess does nothing except sleep, get kissed, and then the story ends—an insightful and healthy perspective, according to Gal and Jaron.

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The photos in this article feature a dress designed by Anthony Vaccarello for Saint Laurent, captured by Dudi Hasson. The writer reminisces about the widespread reactions to the release of Wonder Woman in 2017, where women and girls across the world expressed their admiration for the female superhero. Gal Gadot, who portrays Wonder Woman in the films, believes that the upcoming sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, will explore themes of greed and self-discovery that are relevant to today’s society. Despite being a former beauty pageant winner, Gadot has always prioritized her values over her looks and has even sabotaged a pageant to avoid being crowned.

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The clothing featured in the movie Wonder Woman 1984 was designed by CHANEL and photographed by DUDI HASSON. In the opening scene, a young Diana Prince competes in an Amazonian Olympic-style contest on her birthplace of Themyscira. Gal Gadot, who plays the adult version of Wonder Woman, expresses the importance of representation and seeing oneself on screen. She believes that boys have always had strong male protagonists to look up to, but girls have not had the same representation. As a mother of two daughters, she wants to show them the potential of what they can be and hopes to educate children for equality. Gadot also touches on a recent incident in Israel where a teenage girl was raped by multiple men and emphasizes the need for role models and education to create real change. Despite the work ahead, Gadot remains optimistic and smiles often throughout the interview.

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The photographs, taken by Dudi Hasson, feature a dress designed by Proenza Schouler and modelled at Caesarea beach. Director Patty Jenkins praises Gal Gadot for her beauty, intelligence, and strength, as well as her goodness. Gadot’s success in the first Wonder Woman movie helped her become one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood. However, she still earns less than leading male action stars, highlighting the gender pay gap that remains in the industry. Jenkins calls Gadot her best friend and emphasizes that she is someone who focuses on doing good with her character. When asked why audiences embraced Gadot in the role of Wonder Woman, actor Chris Pine describes her as love incarnate – fierce, strong, compassionate, and uncompromising.

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The attire worn by Gadot in the photographs is a combination of Givenchy clothing and Havaianas sandals. The pictures were taken by Dudi Hasson. Gadot was raised in Rosh Ha’ayin, which is a small city in central Israel. Her father was an engineer and her mother was a gym teacher. Gadot and her younger sister were encouraged by their mother to engage in physical activities rather than spending time watching television. This upbringing is reflected in Gadot’s athleticism, which can be witnessed in her roles in both Wonder Woman films where she performs most of her own stunts. She prefers to avoid using CGI in fight scenes as much as possible. Gadot served as a fitness and combat readiness instructor in the Israel Defense Forces after high school. She had planned to become a lawyer but was cast as Gisele Yashar in Fast Furious, which marked the beginning of her Hollywood career.

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The photoshoot features Gal Gadot wearing a bra by Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh and pants by Chloé at Caesarea beach, captured by Dudi Hasson. In an interview, Gadot credits her husband Jaron Varsano for giving her the strength to follow her dream. They met in 2006 at a yoga retreat and hit it off immediately, with Varsano announcing on their second date that he would propose to her in two years, which he did. Their relationship is based on equality and mutual respect, with Varsano being a feminist man who supports Gadot in pursuing her career while raising their two daughters. He reassured her when she became anxious about traveling to movie sets with their firstborn, Alma.

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Gadot reveals that her family accompanies her on her travels, referring to them as the “circus family.” Although she loves her career, her family is her top priority, and she refuses to be away from them for long periods of time. Gadot describes being a mother as “the project of [her] life” and explains that she is all types of moms depending on the day. She emphasizes how important it is to stay connected with her children and discuss feelings while also knowing when to let go and not interfere. Being a mom comes with a sack of guilt, but Gadot tries her best to give her children everything she can and be the best version of a mom possible. Although her daughters are aware that she plays Wonder Woman, it’s not a big deal in their household. They get excited about Wonder Woman Barbies, but they’re not obsessed with the idea of their mother being a superhero.

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Gal Gadot stars in Wonder Woman 1984, where she battles her nemesis, Cheetah, played by Kristen Wiig. Gadot’s acting skills have been praised by director Patty Jenkins and co-star Annette Bening. Jenkins describes Gadot as a star who is “bestowed with gifts of beauty and intelligence and strength.” In Death on the Nile, Gadot plays Linnet Ridgeway Doyle, the most glamorous femme fatale in Agatha Christie’s story. The film was shot in England and Egypt, and Gadot enjoyed working with the large ensemble cast, including Hammer, Okonedo, and Brand. Gadot’s production company, Pilot Wave, will produce a series for Apple about Hedy Lamarr, with Gadot starring as the Hollywood actress and scientific genius who helped pioneer technology that laid the foundation for WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth.

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Pictures of CHANEL clothing are accompanied by photographs taken by Dudi Hasson. Gal Gadot is a successful actress with a supportive husband, two children and a privileged lifestyle that includes working on various projects worldwide. However, her recent video of herself and other celebrities singing “Imagine” during the quarantine period has led to severe criticism on social media. The two-minute video features off-key performances from celebrities like Sarah Silverman, Natalie Portman, and Will Ferrell, which failed to resonate with people who were desperate for resources during the pandemic. Despite this, Gadot does not apologize for her actions and states that she had good intentions. She explains how she started the video with a few friends and then Kristen Wiig brought in more celebrities. Although her take-me-as-I-am attitude is refreshing, she admits it can get her into trouble. Nevertheless, she believes in being true to herself and speaking her truth, even if it means some people may not like her at the moment.

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The fashion in the conversation was done by CHANEL, hair products were by Kérastase Paris, and makeup and nail enamel were provided by Revlon. The photographs were captured by Dudi Hasson. During our conversation, I took a picture of her on my screen to remember how she looked. She had the happiest smile, which was rare to see during the pandemic. Wondering how Gadot manages to stay cheerful, I asked her and discovered that she feels lucky. The word “lucky” came up multiple times as we talked. She feels fortunate to be healthy and safe with her children during COVID and to have been cast as Wonder Woman. Gadot is grateful to be part of a warm and welcoming community and to have Varsano as her partner. Gadot practices saying “modeh ani” every morning, thanking God for keeping her alive and reminding herself that nothing should be taken for granted.

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