“Gal Gadot Opens Up About Imposter Syndrome and How a Hollywood Icon Helped Her Overcome It”

Gal Gadot has become a well-known name in Hollywood thanks to her roles in popular movies like Fast Furious, Wonder Woman, and Red Notice. Despite her success, the 38-year-old actress admits that she often feels like she doesn’t quite fit in and suffers from Imposter Syndrome, which is a feeling of anxiety even when one is performing at a high level. In a recent interview with L’Officiel magazine, Gal opened up about her insecurities while posing for some glamorous photos. She revealed that despite how much she enjoys her career, she always worries about whether people will like her work and never feels completely confident that they will.

Green goddess: Gal Gadot has carved out an enviable career for herself in Hollywood with the hit films Fast   Furious, Wonder Woman and Red Notice. But the 38-year-old still feels as if she is not a fit in Hollywood, even admitting that she suffers from Imposter Syndrome, the condition of feeling anxious despite being high-performing

Gal Gadot, also known as the Green Goddess, has achieved immense success in Hollywood with her outstanding performances in blockbuster movies such as Fast Furious, Wonder Woman, and Red Notice. Despite this, the talented 38-year-old actress still struggles with Imposter Syndrome, a feeling of anxiety and self-doubt that affects high-performing individuals who feel like they don’t belong in their field.

Getting real: This week the Israeli star talked her insecurities with L'Officiel magazine while posing for glamorous photos

In an interview with L’Officiel magazine, the Israeli actress opened up about her insecurities while posing for glamorous photos. She shared that talking to Hollywood icon Francis Ford Coppola helped calm her nerves. When she asked him how it feels to be a national treasure, he responded by saying that he’s always filled with doubts and fears that people won’t like his work. He advised her to follow her heart and stay humble. Gal Gadot found it reassuring that even someone as legendary as Coppola can feel insecure. She also talked about her upcoming movie, Heart Of Stone, which she is starring in and producing with her husband. She believes that as long as the story is universal, it can appeal to everyone, and hopes to create a female-protagonist action movie that is gritty, raw, and grounded rather than polished like a superhero movie.

Funny feel: 'It’s funny, I always feel like I have this impostor syndrome, because I feel so lucky and I’m so happy that I get to do what I really, really, really love,' noted the brunette beauty

Humorous sensation: “It’s quite amusing, I often experience this impostor syndrome. It’s because I feel incredibly fortunate and elated to pursue my true passion,” expressed the dark-haired stunner.

The flip side: 'I always feel like, “I hope they’re gonna like it,

The famous actress shared the other side of being an actor, admitting that she always hopes the audience will like her work. However, creating a project from scratch is stimulating and exciting for her, even though it requires more effort. She enjoys playing flawed characters and wanted to showcase a real person in her latest project. Her character is someone who has learned to do everything by herself and has trust issues. The director’s focus on emotional performances rather than action sequences was crucial for her. Additionally, she appreciates working with her spouse, who has a business mind and can take care of her interests better than anyone else.

Will they like it? 'There’s never a moment when I’m like, “They’re gonna love this,”' shared the successful actress

The accomplished actress revealed that she never feels entirely confident about whether her audience will enjoy her work. She stated, “I never have that moment where I think, ‘Oh, they’re going to love this!'”

Coppola set her right: It was a massive Hollywood icon who helped calm her nerves. 'I remember speaking to Francis Ford Coppola, and I asked him, “So how does it feel to be a national treasure?”' she said to writer Hannah Jackson

Coppola helped ease Gal’s nerves when she spoke to him about being a national treasure. Gal hopes that audiences will find her latest film thrilling and exciting, with unexpected twists and turns that keep them on the edge of their seats. Although they drew inspiration from films like Mission Impossible and James Bond, they aimed to create an original piece with real action scenes shot in various locations such as Iceland, Morocco, Lisbon, London, and the Alps in Italy. Gal particularly enjoyed filming in Lisbon, where she found the people, food, and culture to be exceptional, and the energy was fantastic.

He helped: Coppola is best known for his The Godfather trilogy. 'He said, “You know, something? I’m always filled with doubts. I’m always afraid they’re not going to like it. I just follow my heart and I come into it humble.” I think this was one of the biggest lessons'

Coppola’s The Godfather trilogy is his most notable work and he provided assistance. He once shared, “I am constantly riddled with uncertainty and fear of rejection. However, I trust my instincts and approach my work with humility.” This has been an impactful lesson.

The Godfather director: She added, 'I’m sitting with the legend Francis Ford Coppola, and he’s talking about how humble and insecure he can get. I was like, “Okay, I can be insecure all the time”'; seen in 2022

During an interview, the renowned director of The Godfather, Francis Ford Coppola, spoke about his own insecurities, which left a lasting impression on the interviewee. In the year 2022, the interviewee went on to play the role of the Evil Queen in Snow White, marking Disney’s first-ever evil villain. The experience was exhilarating, allowing her to explore her theatrical, dark side through singing and dramatic acting. For the first few days, she remained fully immersed in the character, struggling to come out of it. The whole experience felt like being in a theater production with everything heightened and more dramatic. The photo shoot for the interview was taken by Celeste Sloman, and the styling was done by Cristina Ehrlich.

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