Gal Gadot’s Hilarious Taco Bell Experience: A Must-Read!

Gal Gadot, aged 35, has recently experienced her first taste of Taco Bell.

Gal Gadot Source — Gal Gadot Tries Taco Bell and More American Food...

Hold on a second, we just stumbled upon an intriguing fact. During a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon, Gal Gadot appeared virtually to promote the upcoming release of Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max, set to premiere on Christmas day.

Fallon introduced Gadot to new food items a couple of years ago, and they started exploring different flavors together. During one show, Gadot tasted Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup for the first time. She hails from Israel.

On this occasion, Gadot has grasped the significance that Taco Bell holds in our culture. The clip begins with Gadot sampling eggnog, and she promptly inquires, “Is it okay to consume?” An astute inquiry!

During an episode of NBC’s Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon attempted to describe the taste of eggnog to guest Gal Gadot, but his explanation fell short. Gadot tried the drink and found it unimpressive, suggesting that it might be better with rum. However, she made up for her disappointment by introducing Fallon to some delicious Israeli treats he had never tried before.

On the NBC’s Tonight Show, Fallon savored the delectable jelly sufganiyot, a Hanukkah specialty made of fried dough and jelly. He seemed to relish it much more than Gadot did with hers. The next treat they sampled were Ho-Hos, but Gadot’s curiosity was piqued when she asked who came up with such a name. Although she enjoyed the snack, it was quite apparent that it didn’t quite tickle her taste buds.

The next segment on NBC’s Tonight Show is something that viewers have eagerly awaited: Taco Bell. Upon receiving the food, Gal Gadot’s initial reaction was “It smells good. Oh, it’s like a pita bread! It’s like a taco!” She then proceeds to taste it and lets out a cry of pleasure. “Flavorful, salty…” she says, though her words are muffled due to the Taco Bell in her mouth. She enjoys it so much that she has another bite. The segment ends with Gadot getting revenge on Fallon for making him try eggnog. She introduces him to gefilte fish, which he immediately spits into a trash can. Gadot explains that it’s a cooked fish in gelatin made from the fish’s bones while continuing to eat Taco Bell. Surprisingly, Fallon doesn’t hate it. Check out Gadot’s first Taco Bell experience in the video below.

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