“Indulging in Delightful Treats: Gal Gadot’s Virtual Press Event for Wonder Woman 1984”

Gal Gadot, famous for her portrayal of Wonder Woman in the movie Wonder Woman 1984, showed that she’s not shy when it comes to enjoying sweet treats as she enjoyed a slice of cake on Friday. In a video posted to her social media account, which has a whopping 66.3 million followers, the 35-year-old actress and mother of two revealed how press junkets are conducted during the pandemic. The video began with a close-up shot of a delicious chocolate cake before panning out to show Gal and her team ready to dive in.

Sweet tooth: Wonder Woman 1984 action star Gal Gadot showed no fear of calories while digging into a slice of cake last Friday

Last Friday, Gal Gadot, the renowned action heroine of Wonder Woman 1984, was seen delightfully indulging in a slice of cake during a Zoom call. Kristen Wiig, her co-star, couldn’t help but comment on the cake’s appearance, which led Gadot to playfully bring it closer to the camera. Her publicist and glam squad, including stylist Elizabeth Stewart, hairstylist Mark Townsend, and make-up artist Sabrina Bedrani, were also present. Interestingly enough, in a recent episode of The Late Late Show, Gadot played a game called ‘Real or Cake,’ in which she guessed two out of four disguised cakes correctly. According to her fitness trainer, Magnus Lygdback, she can enjoy any food she desires during three out of 20 meals in a four-day cycle.

The 35-year-old mother-of-two captioned her video: 'Ever wondered how do we do press junkets during a pandemic? Well we start off with a giant chocolate cake and take it from there...'

A mother of two, aged 35, created a video showcasing the new process for press junkets during a pandemic. She kickstarts the procedure by presenting a large chocolate cake, and the rest follows suit.

Jealous? When Gal's castmate Kristen Wiig said 'that looks so good' via Zoom, she brought the iced confection closer to the laptop

Jealous? When Gal's castmate Kristen Wiig said 'that looks so good' via Zoom, she brought the iced confection closer to the laptop

Are you feeling a twinge of jealousy? On a video call, Kristen Wiig, Gal Gadot’s co-star, couldn’t resist praising her dessert. This made Gal beam with pride as she moved the dessert closer to the camera to show it off.

It takes a village: Gadot was surrounded by a publicist and her glam squad - stylist Elizabeth Stewart (L), hairstylist Mark Townsend (R), and make-up artist Sabrina Bedrani

Gadot was accompanied by a group of professionals, comprising a publicist and her glam squad, during her recent appearance. Her glam squad consisted of Elizabeth Stewart as the stylist, Mark Townsend as the hair expert, and Sabrina Bedrani as the makeup artist. As the famous saying goes, the effort of many individuals is necessary to accomplish a task successfully.

Half right: Coincidentally, the Israel Defense Forces veteran played a silly game called 'Real or Cake' during last Thursday's The Late Late Show where she correctly guessed two out of four disguised cakes

Partially true: In a fun segment of The Late Late Show called ‘Real or Cake’, a former member of the Israel Defense Forces successfully identified two out of four disguised cakes. The actress recently shared a photo of herself wearing a white mask with an encouraging message to stay safe and hopeful during the ongoing surge in COVID-19 cases and deaths in the United States. She is set to reprise her role as the fierce antiquities dealer, Diana Prince, in the highly anticipated sequel Wonder Woman 1984, which is scheduled for release on Friday on both HBO Max and in theaters. Despite being filmed in August 2019, the movie has already received an impressive 86% approval rating from critics based on 108 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.

Diet: Gal's fitness trainer Magnus Lygdback (R) told THR last Friday that she can eat whatever she wants for three out of 20 meals during a four-day cycle (pictured August 4)

Gal’s fitness instructor Magnus Lygdback has revealed that she can eat whatever she wants for three meals out of 20 in a four-day cycle. The news was shared by THR on Friday, along with a reference picture from August 4.

On Sunday, Gadot posted a car selfie of herself wearing a white face mask captioned: 'Keep safe. Stay hopeful'

Gadot has recently posted a selfie on her social media while sitting in her car. She was seen wearing a white face mask and included a caption that said, “Stay hopeful and keep safe.”

Premieres this Friday on HBO Max and in theaters! The Between Two Ferns actress returns as a**-kicking antiquities dealer Diana Prince in Patty Jenkins' $200M-budget sequel Wonder Woman 1984

Prepare to see the comeback of the fantastic Diana Prince, portrayed by the gifted actress from Between Two Ferns, in the much-awaited film Wonder Woman 1984! You can enjoy it on Friday either on HBO Max or at a cinema close to you. This sequel, with a budget of $200 million and helmed by Patty Jenkins, guarantees to bring some breathtaking action sequences and exciting moments.

Delayed six times! WW84 - which wrapped production way back in August 2019 - currently holds an 86% critic approval rating (out of 108 reviews) on Rotten Tomatoes

The highly anticipated sequel to DC Comics, WW84, has faced numerous delays in its release, totaling six so far. Despite the film being completed back in August 2019, fans are still eagerly waiting for its release. With a star-studded cast that includes big names like Chris Pine, Pedro Pascal, Kristen Wiig, Robin Wright, and Connie Nielsen, the movie has already received an impressive 86% critic approval rating from 108 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Notably, Gal Gadot’s husband, Yaron ‘Jaron’ Versano, even makes a cameo appearance in the film. Gadot and Versano, who have been married for over a decade, share two beautiful daughters together named Alma and Maya.

'We will see you in 2021. Much more to come from us': Gal's husband of 12 years - real estate developer Yaron 'Jaron' Versano (R) - has a small role as a 'Carousel Father' in Wonder Woman 1984 (pictured last Thursday)

Yaron Versano, a real estate developer and Gal’s spouse for more than 10 years, gave a short but sweet statement saying that they would see everyone again in the following year. He also made a cameo as a “Carousel Father” in Wonder Woman 1984, which was caught on camera last week. They have more surprises in store for their fans.

'With my little women': Gadot and the Dutch-born 45-year-old are proud parents of nine-year-old daughter Alma and three-year-old daughter Maya (pictured March 8)

Gadot and her significant other, a Dutch native aged 45, are overjoyed to have two lovely daughters – Alma of nine years old and Maya of three years old. The couple relishes spending quality time with their little girls and treasuring every moment spent with them. A snapshot captured on March 8 portrays the family together, showcasing Gadot and her partner alongside their youngest bundle of joy.

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