“J-Lo’s Bold Move: Diving into the Deep End in a Sultry Yellow Bikini!”

Geronimo! Jennifer Lopez does a cannonball jump into her hotel pool in Miami, Florida, today

Yeehaw! In Miami, Florida, today, Jennifer Lopez makes a splash as she cannonballs into her hotel pool.

In at the deep end: The former American Idol judge makes impact with the water...

Jumping right into it: The ex-American Idol panelist causes a splash in the water…

Action woman: Lopez made a big splash after leaping in

The lady in action: Lopez created a huge impact by jumping into the scene.

My go! Lopez's daughter Emme also made a leap of faith herself

“Look who’s following in her father’s footsteps! Emme, the daughter of Lopez, took a leap of faith too.”

In deep: Lopez was quickly joined by her daughter Emme, who clung to her mother in the pool

Lopez was joined in the pool by her daughter Emme who held on to her mother tightly. They were both fully immersed in the water.

Playing stepdad: Casper Smart carries four-year-old Emme on his shoulders

Casper Smart takes on the role of stepfather as he playfully carries Jennifer Lopez’s four-year-old daughter, Emme, on his shoulders.



Emme seems to have a comfortable and easy-going bond with her mother’s new beau, as seen in their interactions.

Balancing act: J-Lo's daughter showed some of the same aptitude for co-ordination as her talented mother

Balancing act: J-Lo's daughter showed some of the same aptitude for co-ordination as her talented mother

J-Lo’s daughter seems to have inherited her mother’s impressive co-ordination skills, as evidenced by a recent display of balance. It seems that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

Water baby: The daughter of Lopez and her previous husband Marc Anthony seemed confident in the water

The little girl of Lopez and her ex-spouse Marc Anthony appeared to be at ease in the pool. She was like a true water baby, brimming with confidence.

Twins: Maximilian and his sister Emme enjoyed some down time with their mother before her final shows

Maximilian and Emme, who are twins, had a great time relaxing with their mom before her last performances.

Settling in: Casper threw a birthday party for J-Lo in July, which apparently went down a treat

Getting comfortable: In July, Casper hosted a birthday celebration for J-Lo and it seems like it was a success.

Relaxing: The Out of Sight actress has just two more shows to perform on the last leg of her tour

In a laid-back manner, it can be stated that the performer from Out of Sight is about to conclude her tour with only two more shows left to put on.

The one-year mark: Jennifer and Casper have been dating for about a year

It’s been a year since Jennifer and Casper began their romantic journey together.

Hooray! Lopez claps as she watches her kids play in the pool, and Casper makes his way to the water

Yay! Lopez cheers as she observes her children enjoying themselves in the pool, while Casper eagerly approaches the water.

Good times: Emme, J-Lo and Casper hopped under the shade of an umbrella while in the pool

Fun moments were captured as Emme, J-Lo, and Casper took refuge under an umbrella in the swimming pool.

That's better! J-Lo was obviously relishing the opportunity for a dip after her flight into Miami

Ah, much improved! It seems that J-Lo was thoroughly enjoying the chance to take a refreshing plunge following her arrival in Miami.

Gun fight! Emme and Max play with water guns by the side of the pool

It’s time for a water gun battle! Emme and Max are having a blast shooting each other by the pool.

Toyboy: The age difference between the 25-year-old dancer and his 43-year-old girlfriend doesn't seem to be worrying either of them

The fact that the dancer is 25 years old and his girlfriend is 43 doesn’t seem to be causing any concern for either of them. They appear to be comfortable in their relationship despite the age difference.

A different kind of wardrobe malfunction: Emme stpped on her mother's dress as they arrived at their hotel

A unique wardrobe mishap occurred when Emme accidentally stepped on her mom’s dress while they were heading to their hotel.

Big entourage: The singer and her crew will no doubt be happy to have only two more shows left

The singer and her team must be feeling content as they countdown to their final two performances.

Mommy's boy: Jennifer carries her son Max to the hotel after arriving in Miami

Mama’s little guy: Jennifer escorts her son Max into their Miami hotel upon arrival.

Hard work: Travelling isn't easy at the best of times, but try kids and a huge entourage in tow

Travelling can be quite challenging, especially when you have kids and a large group of people with you. It requires a lot of effort and hard work to ensure everyone is comfortable and happy throughout the journey.

Baggage heavy: No doubt the bell hops were expecting a tip at the end of this little run

The bellhops must have been anticipating a gratuity after lugging such a weighty baggage.

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