“Jennifer Aniston’s Casual and Cool Film Set Look: Going Braless and Sporting Jean Cutoffs”

On the set of Squirrels to the Nuts in New York City, Jennifer Aniston caught everyone’s attention with her amazing figure. As a yoga enthusiast, the actress went without a bra and rocked a lavender T-shirt partnered with short jean cut-offs that highlighted her toned arms and legs. There’s no denying that Aniston knows how to flaunt her assets!

In the film, Aniston plays a sex worker who eventually becomes an actress. She has been experimenting with different vibrant wigs for the role, including a shaggy brown bob that completely transformed her appearance. The actress spoke to Marie Claire about the challenges of maintaining her iconic hairstyle, which may seem effortless but requires a lot of effort.

In the most recent publication from July, she opened up about her hair type, which is naturally wavy and frizzy due to her Greek heritage. Sadly, throughout the years, her hair has been subjected to significant harm from frequent use of heat styling tools such as curlers, flat irons, and blow dryers. The most regrettable instance was when she decided to wear hair extensions that ultimately caused more damage than good. Her hair turned out to be so delicate, and it kept breaking, which made it difficult for her to grow it out. Even when she managed to grow it longer, it still appeared thin at the ends. To compensate for the lack of volume, she had no other choice but to rely on clip-in hairpieces to fill in the gaps.

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