“Oops! JLo’s Met Gala Dress Reveals More Than Intended – Including Stunning New Diamond Accessories”

Jennifer Lopez is well-known for her fashion sense, particularly on the red carpet. She always surprises her fans by choosing bold and daring outfits. Her appearance at the 2015 Met Gala in New York City with the theme of “China: Through The Looking Glass” was no exception. The actress and singer appeared in a ruby Versace gown that had a large cut-out on the side, revealing her bare hip. To add to her outfit, Lopez flaunted a new teardrop diamond ring on her wedding finger. This has caused many to speculate that she may be engaged to her on-again boyfriend, Casper Smart. Overall, her outfit was a showstopper and had everyone talking.

Showing off what she's got: Jennifer Lopez showed off some flesh at the 2015 Met Gala in New York City, which was titled China: Through The Looking Glass. The Bronx beauty wore a ruby colored Versace gown that had a big hole on the side, exposing her naked hip

Displaying her features: Jennifer Lopez created quite a stir at the 2015 Met Gala hosted in New York City, with the theme “China: Through The Looking Glass”. The striking star chose to wear an eye-catching ruby Versace dress that boasted a bold cut-out on her side, showcasing her well-defined hip.

She stuck with the theme: There were several cut-outs in the beaded gown that appeared to have a dragon on the front. Underneath the design was a nude and red ombre sheer fabric

J-Lo donned a beaded dress featuring cut-outs that came together to create a dragon design on the front. The dress also had a nude and red ombre sheer fabric visible underneath. Although the outfit was bold, J-Lo pulled it off with ease, showcasing her enviable figure with toned arms, a slim waist, and gorgeous legs. She remained faithful to the theme and looked absolutely gorgeous overall.

Still looking fantastic: Though the dress was incredibly risqué, J-Lo pulled it off as her body is in the best shape it has ever been. Not only did her arms look toned and tanned, but she also had an incredible small waistline and legs to kill for

J-Lo slays in her outfit: Even though J-Lo’s dress was a bold choice, she pulled it off effortlessly with her toned and fit body. Her arms were nicely sculpted and had a glowing tan, while her waist was impressively small and her legs were absolutely stunning. It’s clear that she knows how to rock the look!

New bling: The Waiting For Tonight singer showed off a teardrop diamond

The well-known artist, who sang the hit song “Waiting For Tonight,” recently showcased a brand new teardrop diamond. She paired the sparkly gem with ruby-colored heels and a matching clutch. The singer let her hair down and brushed it back to reveal some gorgeous diamond and ruby earrings. Despite being without her beau Casper, it appeared that Donatella Versace was accompanying her for the evening. According to Life & Style magazine, the singer of “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” is preparing to tie the knot with Smart in an extravagant $3 million wedding that will take place in December. Both parties have signed prenuptial agreements to secure their financial futures. The wedding could be held at a luxurious five-star resort in either Hawaii or Puerto Rico, where she’ll host a week-long celebration with her A-list guests. Leah Remini, Pitbull, Eva Longoria, Ryan Seacrest, Cameron Diaz, Benji Madden, and even Victoria and David Beckham are among the invitees.

They have been friends for a long time: The Booty singer arrived with blonde designer Donatella Versace who she held hands with

The famous artist recognized for her chart-topping track “Booty” and the blonde fashion icon Donatella Versace have shared a close friendship for quite a while. They made an appearance at an occasion hand in hand, exhibiting their unbreakable connection and camaraderie.

Donatella has her back: The talent stood behind the Boy Next Door actress as she faces a throng of photographers

Donatella offered assistance by standing by the Boy Next Door celebrity as she dealt with a crowd of paparazzi. The proficient person provided support to the struggling star.

Also arm in arm: The two got to know each other well when Ms Lopez lived in Miami; that was long before she moved to LA with her twins

Ms. Lopez and her friend bonded in Miami before she moved to Los Angeles with her twins. She is now working with designer Zuhair Murad on a gorgeous and bespoke gown for her upcoming wedding, which promises to be quite the spectacle. The insider revealed that the dress alone will set her back a cool half a million dollars! Ms. Lopez has requested a classic white dress that will accentuate her curves and a traditional veil to complete the look. Family is at the heart of this wedding, with her children Emme and Max taking on the roles of flower girl and ring bearer.

Flawless face: The looker - who will next star on the TV series Shades Of Blue set in NYC - wore her hair down and brushed back revealing diamond and ruby earrings

The beautiful celeb, who will soon be seen on the new series Shades of Blue set in NYC, flaunted flawless skin. Her hair was left down and swept back, giving a clear view of her gorgeous earrings that were bedazzled with diamonds and rubies.

There's that ring again: Lopez holding up her fists as she sits next to 28-year-old Casper in an Instagram snap from the weekend

A picture of Lopez and Casper on Instagram has been doing the rounds, where Lopez is seen flaunting a ring while making a fist. The event held in New York City had other big names like Reese Witherspoon, Helen Mirren, and Sienna Miller in attendance, all dressed to impress in their gorgeous red outfits.

Even stars have to wait for their cars: Jennifer got chatting to actor Bradley Cooper as they left the Gala to head to the afterparties

Celebrities also have to wait for their rides sometimes. Jennifer happened to run into Bradley Cooper after the Gala as they were both on their way to the afterparties. While waiting for their cars, they had a friendly chat.

Taxi! The pair looked a tad awkward while having to make small talk outside the Costume Institute 

“Hi there, could you give us a lift?” The pair appeared a tad uneasy as they made small talk outside of the Costume Institute.

Pick-up stop: The pair got chatting to another guest as more well-heeled revellers flocked to get their cars

While waiting for their ride, the pair engaged in small talk with another attendee. Meanwhile, a stream of wealthy revelers poured in to retrieve their cars at the designated spot.

See you at the party: Bradley shared an embrace with the guest as they bid farewell

As the party came to an end, Bradley bid farewell to one of the guests with a warm hug before they went their separate ways.

Is it for Lopez? Jennifer peered through the window as a car arrived to pick her up and take her on to the following events

“Hey, is that Lopez’s car?” Jennifer asked as she peered outside, excited for the ride that would transport her to her upcoming appointment.

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