“Rising from the Pole to Power: How JLo Empowers Women in ‘Hustlers'”

It was no easy feat for Jennifer Lopez when she scored the role of a stripper in Hustlers. She faced a major hurdle in mastering the art of pole dancing, which proved to be one of the toughest skills she had to acquire for the movie.

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During a recent interview with PEOPLE, Jennifer Lopez divulged that her experience with pole dancing training was one of the toughest challenges she’s faced yet. Despite having honed her skills in martial arts and performing stunts for movies, pole dancing presented an entirely different set of physical demands. The rigorous training sessions even left her with bruises, chafing, and burns. It’s worth noting that when practicing pole dancing, body makeup or tights are not allowed, as the moves require skin-to-pole contact. Nonetheless, Lopez remained dedicated to her training, which ultimately paid off as she excelled in her performance. To catch the complete episode of People Cover Story: Jennifer Lopez, head over to PeopleTV.com or download the PeopleTV app.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez’s remarkable performance as Ramona in Hustlers has garnered her high acclaim, specifically for her exceptional pole dancing skills. Despite being thankful for the recognition she has received, Jennifer admits that it has been quite overwhelming for her. As one of the co-producers of the film, the actress considers playing Ramona a valuable learning experience since her character embodies self-reliance and independence, which deeply resonates with Jennifer. This central theme of boundlessness has inspired her to stay strong and determined in her own life. Although happily engaged, Jennifer feels a newfound sense of personal empowerment, having undergone a considerable journey to achieve inner peace and confidence.

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