“Shakira’s Stylish Black Ensemble Steals the Show at Miami’s Faena Forum during Billboard Latin Music Week”

Shakira made an appearance at Faena Forum in Miami during Billboard’s Latin Music Week. The Colombian singer participated in a conversation about her career, songwriting inspirations, and her move from Barcelona to the United States. Despite rumors of dating with Jimmy Butler, Shakira looked stunning in her flawless skin and black leather mini dress. The outfit featured skinny spaghetti straps and a thick belt around her waist to emphasize her hourglass figure.

Sweltering: Shakira sent temperatures soaring in already-balmy Miami on Wednesday when she made an appearance at the Faena Forum for Billboard's Latin Music Week

Shakira caused a stir in Miami’s already-hot weather on Wednesday as she attended Billboard’s Latin Music Week event at the Faena Forum.

Shakira was wearing a skirt with thick pleats that made it look like a romper. She showed off her thighs which were visible below the skirt. Despite the outfit being not particularly breathable, Shakira wore it with an ear-to-ear grin. The singer-songwriter boosted her height by wearing a pair of tall black leather boots with platform soles and high heels. She had styled her long, caramel-colored locks with a middle part and wore them in voluminous waves cascading down her shoulders while framing her impeccably made-up face. She completed the look with a set of chunky brown Versace sunglasses, a striking black leather handbag decorated with large silver ovals, and a silver and gold chain around her neck. Shakira looked regal as she arrived at the Faena Forum surrounded by security and employees. She even stopped to chat with a little girl who was excited to see her.

Update: The 46-year-old Colombian songstress was on hand for a conversation about her whirlwind career, her songwriting inspirations and her move to the US from Barcelona, Spain

Update: The Colombian singer, age 46, was present for a discussion regarding her fast-paced career, the things that inspire her songwriting, and her relocation from Barcelona, Spain to the United States.

Back in black: The hitmaker looked years younger than her true age thanks to her flawless skin and a steamy black leather mini dress that she sported on her way to the on-stage chat

The popular artist appeared much younger than her actual age, showcasing her impeccable complexion and donning a sultry black leather mini dress as she made her way to the on-stage interview.

Fit figure: Shakira put on a busty display in her plunging dress. The lustrous look included a thick belt around her midriff to emphasize her hourglass figure

Shakira flaunted her toned physique in a stunning dress that accentuated her curves. The outfit included a wide belt that cinched her waist, highlighting her hourglass shape. The low-cut neckline also showcased her ample cleavage, adding to the alluring look.

Curves ahead! The lustrous look included a thick belt around her midriff to emphasize her hourglass figure

Check out those curves! She rocked a shiny ensemble that highlighted her natural hourglass shape with a chunky belt cinched around her waist.

Standing tall: The 5ft2in beauty elevated her height a bit with her tall black leather boots, which featured platform soles and tall heels

The gorgeous lady who stands at 5ft2in further accentuated her height by wearing tall black leather boots that had platform soles and sleek heels.

Gorgeous: She styled her long hair with a middle part and wore her caramel-colored locks down in voluminous waves cascading down her shoulders while framing her impeccably made-up face

Wow, she looked stunning! Her hair was parted in the center and flowed down her shoulders in voluminous, caramel-colored waves. The locks framed her flawlessly made-up face, giving her an impeccable appearance.

Sweet: Shakira looked like a queen arriving at the Faena Forum, where she was surrounded by security and employees. As she strutted into the building, she stopped to chat with a little girl who was excited to see her

Shakira was an absolute vision as she arrived at the Faena Forum, where she was greeted by a team of security personnel and staff. With her head held high, she exuded confidence and elegance as she made her way into the building. Along the way, she paused to engage in conversation with a young girl who was thrilled to see her.

During an event, Shakira talked about the ups and downs of her long career as well as her inspirations. The singer mentioned that while she is currently in a very creative space, there have been times when she had to be coaxed into the studio to record new music. Nevertheless, Shakira is currently in love with what she does and described writing new songs as “therapeutic.” She thanked her fans for their support throughout her struggles and acknowledged her sons as her source of inspiration for new musical collaborations. The Colombian singer also spoke about her move from Barcelona to Miami following her separation from former partner Gerard Piqué. She explained that living in Barcelona made her feel alone as there was no active music industry in the city. She needed to wait for her producer to come to Europe before they could work together on new music.

Motivation: Inside the event, Shakira spoke about her long carer and her inspirations. She joked that her creative juices were flowing at the moment, though at other times she had to be 'dragged' into the studio to record new music

During the event, Shakira talked about her extensive career and what inspires her. She made a humorous comment about how her creativity is currently at its peak, but there are other times when she has to be coerced into entering the recording studio to create new music.

Change of location: She also dished about her move from Barcelona to Miami after splitting from Gerard Piqué. She faces two separate Spanish trials for tax evasion, which may have also motivated her move

In a recent interview, she shared details about her relocation from Barcelona to Miami following her breakup with Gerard Piqué. Aside from the split, Shakira is also currently facing two Spanish trials related to tax evasion, which may have been an additional reason for the move.

Away from the action: She complained that Barcelona had no major music industry, and she had to wait until her producer was traveling through there if she wanted to record something

In a quieter setting: She expressed her dissatisfaction with the music scene in Barcelona, stating that it lacked a significant industry. She often found herself waiting for her producer to pass through the city in order to record any music.

Stage time: Once inside the event venue, she took the stage

After entering the location of the event, she stepped onto the platform to begin her performance.

Wow! She oozed sex appeal as she walked across the stage in her sky-high black vinyl boots

She flashed a smile at the audience

Oh my goodness! The woman exuded an incredibly attractive aura as she strutted across the platform in her towering black vinyl footwear.

Having a ball! Shakira let out a laugh as she held a Q&A

Shakira had a great time! She couldn’t help but chuckle as she engaged in a Q&A session.

The agreement led to some of her concepts losing their momentum before they could be explored in the studio. She mentioned that this was a reason for her lack of enthusiasm. However, being close to several colleagues, producers, musicians, and friends served as an excellent motivation for her. Additionally, singing in her native Spanish has become a trendy thing compared to her earlier American successes, where she had to sing in English to attract new fans. She noted that age, genre, condition, and language are not essential. What is essential is that if an artist connects with their audience through music.

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