“The Hilarious Reason Jennifer Aniston’s Nipples Stole the Show Among Friends Fans”

In the hit TV show Friends, Jennifer Aniston’s character Rachel Green was a pioneer for the #freethenipple movement long before it became a thing. Her fans have always been curious about why her nipples were so noticeable on the show, but finally, the reason has been uncovered. Rachel Green was a trailblazer in several ways, thanks to her fabulous hair and impeccable fashion sense. She went from being a privileged daddy’s girl to a successful fashion buyer. Fans were enamored with everything Rachel did, except maybe her tumultuous relationship with Ross. While her nipples drew a lot of attention, people have been left pondering the reason for their prominence. Nevertheless, there’s no denying that Rachel Green was the original inspiration behind the #freethenipple trend.


The picture depicted above displays the well-known NBC emblem of a peacock, which has become an iconic representation for the TV channel.

Fans of Friends have long debated whether or not Jennifer Aniston’s nipples were intentionally visible on the popular show. Some speculate that the wardrobe team purposely cut holes in her bras, while others believe it may have been a personal preference of the actress herself. However, it is also possible that this was not a planned decision at all. In fact, one fan tweeted in 2015 that Friends producers instructed Rachel and Monica to cut holes in their bras to show their nipples.

There are fans who believe that Jennifer herself asked for her outfits to be trimmed with a pair of scissors. Some have even gone as far as claiming that she specifically instructed wardrobe to create holes in her bras to make her nipples visible.

jennifer aniston slammed for pandemic themed christmas tree bauble

Vogue recently asked Jennifer Aniston about the shape of her breasts, and she responded by saying that there is no particular reason for it. However, Jennifer is proud of her breasts and sees no reason to be ashamed of them. She wears a bra and doesn’t understand why society expects her to feel embarrassed about her natural body. Jennifer has no complaints about her breasts and embraces them as they are.

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