“The Hilarious SNL Skit: Gal Gadot and Kate McKinnon Lock Lips as Wonder Woman”

In a parody of Wonder Woman on Saturday Night Live, Gal Gadot shared a kiss with comedian Kate McKinnon. The skit portrayed two lesbian women, played by Aidy Bryant and McKinnon, arriving at Themyscira, an island occupied only by beautiful women. This scene is reminiscent of Gadot’s famous kissing scene with Chris Pine in the Wonder Woman movie.

During the weekend, Saturday Night Live featured a sketch about the superhero movie where Gal Gadot and Kate McKinnon shared a kiss. Despite the joke suggesting a romantic relationship, it was later disclosed that both actresses do not identify as lesbian. Aidy Bryant and Kate were disappointed by the revelation. To make amends, Gal offered to kiss one of them to test if there were any sparks.

At the beginning of the skit, Aidy Bryant and Kate, who both identify as lesbians, made their way to Themyscira Island.

At first, the ladies were overjoyed when they finally arrived at the area exclusively inhabited by women. They beamed with satisfaction as their feet touched the ground.

Kate and Aidy were having a conversation about their disappointment, feeling quite down. Aidy opened up about how she was unable to cope with the emotional turmoil. Kate nodded in agreement, pointing out that they were not just mere guinea pigs for Gal to conduct experiments on unless she tried them herself. Although Kate offered to volunteer, Gal’s kiss did not spark any feelings, which left them all feeling quite let down. As a result, Aidy and Kate eventually decided to leave the island and move on to their next destination, Lesbos.

Gal tried to comfort the ladies by showing her willingness to understand their feelings. She added a light-hearted remark, humorously proposing to smooch one of them to gain a deeper understanding of their emotions.

Gal showed remorse and admitted to Kate that she didn’t feel anything when they kissed.

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