“VMAs Fashion: Jennifer Lopez Stuns in Charbel Zoe – Splurge or Save on Glam?”

On August 25, 2014, Kaiser wrote about Casper Smart, Fashion, Jennifer Lopez, and the VMAs.


As someone who defends Jennifer Lopez regularly, I was partly on her side during the VMAs. Despite being 45-years-old and a mother of twins, she looked stunning in a Charbel Zoe gown that hugged her body perfectly. Her face looked just as fantastic, and even though the dress showed a lot of skin, she still managed to look glamorous. However, I felt sorry for her that she is still hustling with “the kids” while at the VMAs. She mentioned collaborating with Iggy Azalea, which came across as desperate. Unfortunately, her back-on boyfriend Casper Smart was also in attendance, potentially there to promote her album together. They were seated next to each other, and during one of the breaks, Casper gave her some Skittles while her manager Benny Medina looked angry. It’s no secret that Medina is not a fan of Casper, and he is likely at his wit’s end with Jennifer’s choice in men.



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